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The Greenbelt Alliance History & Formation

In 2009, members of the Greenbelt Park community joined together to defend this beautiful natural open-space from a proposed 345 kilovolt power-line. Believing the power-line would be an affront to the Greenbelt’s natural beauty, this conservation minded group of neighbors raised funds and formed the Greenbelt Alliance. The group then hired legal counsel to represent the Greenbelt at the Public Utilities Commission of Texas hearings.

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After an extended legal process, the Greenbelt Alliance and other landowners participating in the hearing were successful in steering the line away from the Greenbelt. Rather than calling it quits after the win, board members of the Alliance decided the Greenbelt and its trail system would continue to need a dedicated advocate group as growth in the Denton County area expanded. As its second project, the board moved its focus to reopening a Greenbelt equestrian trail closed after a flood in 2010. The Alliance serves as the legal and financial structure for the Lake Ray Roberts Equestrian Trail Association - an important committee made up of trail riders who focus on equestrian trail improvements throughout the Lake Ray Roberts Park complex. For funding and awareness, the Alliance founded GreenFest on the Greenbelt in 2011. This event celebrates outdoor family fun and now takes place every year in April. The Alliance now includes 1170 members.

Canoeing on the Greenbelt

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of Greenbelt neighbors whose land was purchased by the United States Army Corps of Engineers for the Greenbelt's creation in 1995:


Tim Beaty

Richard Rogers

Carol Nichols


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