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GreenFest Ticket Sales and Sponsorships

Raise Funds for Bridge Construction

Thanks to GreenFest ticket sales and generous donations from our sponsors, the Greenbelt Alliance, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), and the Lake Ray Roberts Equestrian Trail Association (LRRETA) have successfully raised the funds necessary to construct a bridge that crosses a deep trail washout on the Greenbelt between FM 455 and FM 428. This railed pedestrian and equestrian walkway is 60-70 feet long and provides access to a previously inaccessible 4.5 miles of trail. The LRRETA grant, which estimated the cost for this bridge and other trail improvements to be approximately $165,000, required the local public to raise 20% or $33,000. We would like to thank our sponsors, GreenFest attendees, and countless other helping hands for enabling us to successfully raise this money! Bridge construction is complete and the trail is open!

Trail Washout

The Greenbelt Washout


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